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Application of KD600 Series Frequency Converter in the Field of Freight Construction Elevator

March 23, 2023

Latest company case about Application of KD600 Series Frequency Converter in the Field of Freight Construction Elevator


Case Overview


The traditional material elevator is very simple in overall design. It depends on steel wire rope for lifting. It has no safe par-king device and extremely low safety factor. With the continuous development of the construction site industry, KD600 ser-ies cargo construction elevators are applied. Compared with the traditional construction material elevator, it has the chara-cteristics of beautiful shape, light structure, convenient disassembly, safety, reliability, strong applicability, and wide use. It can be combined into various forms as required, including regular section and irregular section, with a lifting capacity of 1000kg and a running speed of 26m/min. It can realize 0-26m/min stepless speed regulation and automatic layer selection and leveling to meet the needs of different users. It has better technical performance, more safe and reliable working mec-hanism, and more compact structure. Now it has gradually replaced the traditional basket and wire rope material hoist, and is widely used in the construction of low and middle buildings.



Scheme Advantages

  1. The door panel display is rich: the operating frequency and load information are displayed on the door pa-nel in real time, and all limit, handle input and brake output states are prompted by separate indicator lights;
  2. Rich voice functions: the content of voice broadcast is rich, and there are separate voice prompts for comm-on faults. With the display information of the door pan-el, the efficiency of on-site fault diagnosis is greatly improved;
  3. Braking resistance short circuit protection: the built-in braking unit has the function of braking resistance sh-ort circuit protection;
  4. Short circuit protection function of brake coil: monitor the current value of brake coil in real time, cut off the input immediately in case of abnormal conditions, and protect the brake coil and internal components;
  5. Multiple installation methods: wall mounted, semi em-bedded and fully embedded installation methods can be used;
  6. Pre authorization function: the system has a built-in perpetual calendar clock, which can set three periods of equipment authorization time, and can set indepen-dent passwords for three periods of time, so that use-rs can manage equipment installment collection;
  7. Automatic leveling function: reduce the working intens-ity of the operator, automatically operate in place after entering the floor, and the leveling position is accurate (≤ 5mm);
  8. Wireless video monitoring: fish eye camera is used for the first time in the industry, and there is no dead angle in the elevator cage monitoring in all directions;
  9. Human shape monitoring and detection: fish eye cam-era is used to detect the human shape in the elevator cage in all directions without dead angle;
  10. Wireless voice intercom: video monitoring has its own voice intercom function, so the operator can know the operation in the cage in real time, facilitate timely com-munication with on-site workers, and improve the tra-nsportation efficiency of the elevator;
  11. Floor pager control function: after meeting the elevator operation conditions, press the floor pager of the corr-esponding floor, and the elevator will automatically run to the floor. After the workers carry things, close the discharge door, press the floor pager of the floor, and the elevator will automatically run to the first floor.


System commissioning

  1. The channel, address, rate and forward error correcti-on parameters of the left and right cage variable frequ-ency drives of the same machine and the operation box shall be the same;
  2. Steps to enter the U group parameters of the con-sole: press and hold the "Start" and "Bell" keys for more than 3 seconds at the same time, enter the password "258", and press the "OK" key to enter the U group parameters (if the console is a combi-nation of left and right cages, operate and modify it on the left keyboard;
  3. The application of Chuang KD600 frequency converter on the site of the cargo construction elevator not only enhances the safety and reliability of the equipment, but also hardly feels the impact between the mechani-cal systems during the start and stop process, greatly improving the stability and comfort of the elevator dur-ing operation, greatly improving the production efficien-cy of the system, facilitating operation and maintenan-ce, saving operating costs for customers, and improv-ing work efficiency, It is worth popularizing and using extensively.

Application of KD600 Series Frequency Converter in the Field of Freight Construction Elevator


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